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We Are The Home Inspection Firm For You!

Nobody, but nobody can or will intimidate me to "take it easy" on a property. The conditions are what they are!

In addition to the years as an inspector, I grew up, managed and worked in the family construction business. I understand the construction of your new home because my father and grandfather believed that I should be a helper in each trade until I understood it.

I love my job and keep up with the changes. I write articles about home issues, I am published as an expert and have trained other inspectors across the country.

You need more than just the facts, you need to understand what they mean to you! You may remember me as the original KDKA Radio Home Improvement Program host or seen me on various news segments. Ability to communicate is VERY important when considering an inspection professional.

As an expert in environmental issues, you receive free screening in those issues as an element of your inspection. I can and will educate you if additional testing is needed and discuss preventive methods for various potential conditions as is appropriate. If additional actual testing is required, I will perform it at the reasonable fees you can find on our websites.

With our company, checking your appliances for CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recalls is included as a free component of your home inspection. About 20 to 25% of checked homes have a recalled appliance. Once identified, you will have the contact information to have the appropriate repair or replacement at the manufacturer's expense.

Our founder and president has 33 years of experience in the environmental testing and home inspection business. Dan has trained others in the profession and demands respectful and quality performance of our professionals. We have served Pittsburgh and Western PA and worked in almost every municipality with over 14,000 completed inspections performed. All of our inspectors  have a minimum of 4 year degrees and Police Clearances.

We understand the construction and buildng science issues that allow us to identify the sources and the solutions to a house's conditions. We also understand the importance of clearly communicating solutions in  a fair and objective manner.

We underdstand the importance of prompt delivery of reports, usually the same day at the inspection site. We provide confirmations before inspections and electronic copies of reports. 

We do inspections, testing and assessment, but not remediation or correction of problems. You do not need to have concerns that we "find" things to fix in order to profit from the "discovery. We avoid conflicts of interest.

We are much more than a "Pittsburgh home inspection company" We are trained in the full range of recognizing the issues in buildings can lead to better solutions and health. We are full serivce performing radon, pest, environmental, commercial, well , septic and muany more services. One call will almost always do it all. 

We are trained and certified as a part of the Senior Home Safety Network providing services to seniors "aging in place".  As seniors age they need the help of professional property inspectors who they can trust to identify problems before they become a health hazard or expensive to correct.  Because we do not perform construction services, we can be trusted to review the "findings of contractors" who may be trying to take advantage of seniors.        

We provide confidential services. We work for our clients and respect the inportance of confidentaility.

When you need additional services, we will guide you through the complexities of corrrecting problems. We will be your consultant.

We work easily with others. Whether your real estate professional, attorney, facility manager, medical provider, remediation contractor, HVAC or building professional, we work well with others to help solve your problems while maintaining reasonable fees.

As a standard business practice we keep up to date on exposures, risks, methodoligies and proceedures.

You'll have the advantage of personal, one-on-one attention, as well as web and e-mail resources.

Let's get together to talk about your property inspection concerns. Call(724 295 9703) or send an e-mail to (,

If you're not ready to meet in person, please tour our website. I'm sure you'll find the resources here useful and helpful.

Howard Home Testing and Inspection LLC 

Senior Home Safety Network

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