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Is Your Home Inspector Qualified ? 

How to Select the Right Inspector to Protect your Family and Investment.

Articles and Answers to Frequently Questions About Home Inspectors, Inspections and Buying a Home


Download of Important Information on the Law and Your Home Inspector

P.H.I.C. States that 40% to 60% of Practicing Home Inspectors Do Not Meet the Current PA Standards and Requirements   

Click to Download the Current ASHI Wheel

Click Here for Worksheet to Check an Inspector for PA Law Compliance  

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The ASHI Wheel is the only Audited and Confirmed Source of Compliant Home Inspectors 

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Link to Download the PA Home Inspection Law


PA Attorney General Website for the Home Inspection Law  

The Actual Legislative Bill Know as the PA Home Inspection Law

Download a Copy of the PA Home Inspection Law 


Articles About Real Estate and Inspections

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Article: Buyers Beware of the Flipped House

Article: Energy Star Requirements are Creating Mold Problems in New Construction

Article: Understanding, Testing and Remediating Radon in Your Home

Article: Checking Your Appliances for Recalls

Article: Guide to the Pre-Closing Walk Through


FAQ Sheets

FAQ Testing and Remediating Radon in the Home

FAQ Mold Testing and Remediation