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We no longer perform real estate, pre-purchase  home inspections
We strictly do Environmental testing

Radon Test  $160.00
  • Additional fees may apply  based on conditions such as additional furnaces, REPO's, distance, and hazardous conditions
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    Indoor air site assesment  includng two air tests (this includes full visual site examination, CO and natural gas testing.

    Indoor mold air testing  including two air tests $425.00

    Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon and other air testing procedures 

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    Industrial & Manufacturing Building Inspections

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    Coliform, bacteria in well water test

    $ 75.00
    FHA Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite and Nitrate/Niitrite test $ 175.00

    Allergen Testing  ERMI protocols $ 475.00
    Allergen Testing  ARMI protocols $ 425.00

    T0-15 ( Toxic Organic with Library Search )with 2 week turn around time. Shorter time turn around availiable at an additional fee  

    $ 1,500.00
    Formaldehyde Dragger Tube Testing $ 225.00
    Carbon Monoxide Continuous Monitor $ 175.00
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    This is not a complete list of the services we can provide. We provide allergen testing, EnviroSpect Services, Black Mold Testing, Phase 1, TO15, Commericial Building Reports and much more.  Please contact us if the service you need is not listed. Please call if you have questions about fees, costs or prices.


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