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The Environmental Program is an advanced healthy air and surface program for the improvement of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) utilizing a proven systematic method by means of inspection, sampling, continual monitoring, recommendations for correction, and continual prevention using a biostatic surface protectant.

Our markets that we service are residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and Marine. Our client profiles include, but not limited to, real estate professionals, restaurants, day care facilities, food processing plants, transportation, hospitals, grocery stores, medical care facilities and many more!

We meet or exceed the needs of these industry professions by providing a customized and tailored program to create a healthier environment.

The key benefit of this program is a healthier indoor environment for you, your clients, staff personnel, which results in a reduction in liability, an increased value of service, and continual support from us!

Also by taking part in this program, we may be able to help reduce the cost of commercial insurance coverage by up to 20% for businesses entities.


Our professionally trained and certified environmental specialists will come to your property and give an evaluation and recommendation for correction, if necessary, to create a healthier indoor environment. They will be able to identify health risk factors by performing a visual assessment utilizing various professional inspection tools, sample the air and surface areas with industry recognized equipment and protocols, and supply comprehensive reports from qualified laboratories.

After all the information is received, we will be able to explain in great detail, how to improve and continually improve your indoor air quality through constant monitoring and preventative maintenance plans

The Optional Monitor

Basic Overview

The monitor is a data recorder in which the gathered information is used to determine the conditions for microbial growth, bacteria, virus and dust mite proliferation in indoor environments.

The monitor has a chart display especially engineered to be viewed for real time measurements. The monitor can be programmed to sound an alarm for unacceptable temperature and humidity conditions providing for an early warning indication whereby the homeowner or maintenance staff can contact the EnviroSpect Specialist to take the appropriate action to prevent microbial contamination, reducing the possibility of structural damage and unhealthy living conditions.

The monitor also displays the real time temperature, humidity, Dew Point, and logs and records the conditions for the programmed selected times.

The monitor data can be downloaded to a computer utilizing the provided reporting software system.

The data can be used as a means to certify the conditions maintained as well as leverage and an asset when selling a home to prove the home was kept in ideal conditions to prevent damage and mold, bacterial, viral and allergen growth.


· Easy To Read Data

· Real Time Conditions

· Temp & Humidity

· Tamper Resistant

· Real Time Clock

· Temp & Humidity Alarm

· Low Battery Alarm

· Memory for Years Data Storage

· Memory Usage Indicator

· Data Download Transfer Port

· Temp And Humidity Sensor Probe

· Report Software

· Alarm Reset

· Powered by: 3 AA Batteries or AC/DC

· Wall Mount or Portable*

· High Impact Plastic Housing

  • A Quality Assured Product
  • Understandable Report

· To Prevent Conditions That Promote Microbial Growth ie, (Mold & Bacteria) that can contribute to health and (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality Problems

· To Prevent, Maintain and or Decrease Maintenance Cost

· To Determine the Efficiency and Effectiveness Of Your Existing HVAC Systems i.e., Heating, AC, Ventilation, Filtration And Or Dehumidifiers

· To Determine If Any Remedial Solutions Services Are Required

· To Maintaining Ideal Health and Structural Conditions

· Provides Stored Data That Could Be Used In The Future

· As A Record to Present to Future Buyers

· As A Record For Proof Of Conditions Maintained For Your HVAC Contractor

· As a Record of Vital Information That Can Be Used By Your Health Care Provider When Diagnosing And Or Treating Health Conditions Related To The Indoor Environment