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The Realtor, mortgage professional, insurance agent and appraiser are all licensed by the state in Pennsylvania. You may expect that a Home Inspector would be licensed, but they aren’t. PA Act 114 is the law governing home inspectors, but there is no license, review, registration or place to file an inquiry as to prior violations.


This law has been in effect since Dec 20, 2001 but no enforcement action has been taken by any State or Realtor authority to enforce its provisions. Imagine the Internal Revenue Service adopting a policy that they believe “anything that is reported”. No audits, no W-2’s. 1099’s, nothing. In other words, if it is on the tax form, they believe you. Except for the honest people like you and me, the IRS would develop a compliance problem.


According to PHIC (Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Council) 40% to 60 % of inspectors are not compliant or qualified under PA minimum requirements. This author has knowledge of several non-compliant, but practicing home inspectors within ten miles of his office.

Download ASHI Wheel Here.pdf