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How can you be sure that your inspector is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy? Pennsylvania does have regulations governing home inspectors. The sad fact is that there is no compliance enforcement of the law. This makes as much sense as an Internal Revenue Service that does not require any documentation.........ever...and tells you they will never audit any tax returns.  

A large portion of the practicing PA home inspectors on Realtor office lists are not compliant. The law doesn't require Realtors to verify compliance, under any circumstances. Coldwell Banker is the only Realtor group that has asked this inspector to prove compliance with the home inspection law. Howard Hanna is the only office to request verification of the HUD & FHA pest inspection  requirment.      

One way for buyers to check the compliance of their inspector is verify membership in professional organizations which do require the minimum testing, supervised experience, continuing education and  adherence to ethical standards. Two of these organizations that can be used to confirm this information can be reached on line at and â€“ be sure to check out any other associations to see their individual requirements.

As a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), you can be assured that not only am I qualified, but I also adhere to the association’s standards of practice and code of ethics.  You can find more information about ASHI at their website,

You will also find us listed on the PRO-ASHI Wheel. That is the only audited source to verify that a Western PA Home Inspector is compliant with the PA Home Inspectors Law.

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You may also order print copies of the PROASHI Wheel from the PRO-ASHI Website


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Click below to confirm that this or any other inspector is audited and guaranteed PA Home Inspector Law Compliant.  This site is the single source for confirmed compliance !    

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